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Friday, October 20, 2006

This is bad news!

[NOTE: Updates will be posted below. My sis is posting updates in the comments as well.]
During dinner tonight I got a phone call from Brother Tim in Florida. He had received a phone call from Brother-in-Law Mark, in Grand Rapids. It seems my Mom had a heart attack today!

I've talked to my aunt Marlene, Mom's sister tonight. She told me that Mom is resting under heavy medication tonight and no action will be required until sometime later. Alpena's hospital doesn't do any cardiac surgical actions, if they should be required, so Mom would have go to Traverse City if that turns out to be neccesary.

As you might expect, I'm pretty worried about my Mom tonight. I already owe her some flowers because I missed her birthday last week, now I'm worried about her health!

UPDATE #1. Sis called this AM. Brother Mark is already in Alpena after driving all night to get there. It appears Mom may have a bad mitral valve in her heart. Since Alpena doesn't have a cardiac unit she will be transported to Traverse City, probably already this morning. If she needs surgery, it will get done there. Here is more about mitral valve repair. I may have to rub the numbers off a credit card to get to Michigan in short order. I'm still waiting to hear more before I jump on an airplane.

UPDATE #2. Sis called again just a few minutes ago. Mom is in Traverse City. Her heart attack was apparently much worse than previously thought. She has 2 blocked arteries, one of them is 90% blocked. The early diagnosis of a bad mitral valve was also in error. She has a a hole between the two upper chambers of her heart as a result of the heart attack and that hole is acting like a failed valve.

Flat on her back bed rest for 48 hours and massive drug regimes. The docs want to avoid operating on her heart if they can, for 6 weeks, to give the tissues time to heal and strengthen. She will be in Traverse City for no less than 2 weeks before being allowed home to rest up until she can have the surgery.

I haven't ruled out rushing up there this weekend but right now am leaning towards going next weekend when she might better be able to tolerate visitors. Sister Mel is keeping me posted.

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